Web Two point OH!

Web 2.0 was quite a buzzword until some internet wise guy came up with Web 3.0 and a semantic web.  So we’re all stuck in this primordial internet soup, unsure of whether we need to sprout Wi-Fi antennae or bud robotic legs for our first few steps onto the new digital turf.  Well, the answer is both, and so much more.  So how does one navigate the maze of connectivity to eek out a social, personal yet collective, and financial living?

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

The answer is very deliberately.  The idea of Web 2.0 is based on the idea of web communities and the technological concept that these communities need to be served more flexible web-based applications designed around new web programming languages instead of static HTML coding.   Powered by more powerful coding languages such as AJAX, Ruby, Python, and Java, Web 2.0 is capable of bringing rich, streaming content, and interactive, socially connected web applications to a world of eagerly awaiting users.

So how does one decide which of these new services and applications to use and to which to provide their personal information.  Again, very deliberately.  In the world of Web 2.0, we, the users have become the product.  Sure, there are actual products, but a semantic web cannot truly function without knowing or learning more about what you like and what behaviors you exhibit on the web.  Big Brother is watching and it is big business.

So…we are the product.  We are being monitored.  We are having our data mined so that we can have products marketed to us directly.  Therefore, we must be prepared with Intelligence 2.0 or we will be left with our information overlords telling us what we want to hear or see or what we “meant” to search for.  I think this leaves us to rely on the social aspects of Web 2.0 to spread the word about the bad and the good.  We have to build communities out of these networks of users that are there to support us in the same way that the village raises the child.  In the end, the internet is just a machine and its code, told what to do by humans, queried by humans, and…coralling humans.  Oh well, I’m getting on Facebook.